Buff Daddy PRO - DA-900 orbital machine polisher (DA), 880W UK PLUG 240V

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The Buff Daddy (DAS-6) orbital polisher has earned a place in the detailing hall of fame, thanks to incredible ease-of-use and its impressive safety margin for machine polishing newcomers. Some felt that it could do with more power, though, to make lighter work of heavier correction jobs.

The answer was the 880W (rounded off usually to 900W) DA-900 Buff Daddy PRO machine. It looks very similar to its little brother but packs a torquier punch, allowing you to work it at lower speeds for the same polishing results. Be careful, though - at higher speeds it can generate extreme panel temperatures, potentially causing foam pads to delaminate. Never run it at high temps for long, and be sensible using its additional power/torque.

Feature wise, the DA-900 is similar to the DAS-6; it has a 6mm orbit (not too large to cause pigtails, excessive vibration or difficulty polishing up to body creases/swage lines and not too small so it still has excellent cut), it comes with a variable speed control (1-6 speed settings, although 3 is likely to be all you need for most jobs), a soft touch gear cover, ventilated 125mm backing plate (to fit the usual 5/16” thread), over 3m of cable (UK three pin plug, 240v), D-handle, spare motor brushes, Dodo Juice embroidered carry bag and a two year warranty.

It's a variable speed machine as well, so you have 1-6 speed/torque settings for maximum versatility. If you run it at speed position 3, this is about the same as a DAS-6 running at speed position 5. So it may run at lower speeds for the same cut (meaning less noise and vibration) plus you'll have more polishing power/torque if and when you need it. Think of a Golf GTi vs a Golf R cruising on the autobahns all day. The R is going to be more relaxing on a 100mph+ cruise and have the additional power when it's needed. But for running around town the regular GTi will be fine.

We'll include FREE copy of our Machine Polishing Tutorial booklet with this machine. This is absolutely indispensable if you've never machine polished before and may even be useful reading for seasoned pros. It explains the basic theory of machine polishing, how to get started, how to get meaningful results quickly and how to avoid basic mistakes. Furthermore, it elaborates on processes, techniques, machines and accessories. Cheaper machines don't tend to come with this level of useful info and they may often be sold with mismatched pads and polishes that can create confusion and inferior results.  

Please note that pads and polishing compounds are not included and that user skill is critical for achieving fast, safe and competent paint correction.

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