Terms & Conditions/Legal

All the information we collect and use is strictly controlled, and regulated by the Data Protection Act. We don't sell your information on and we're even careful with cookies. We prefer Bourbon biscuits, you see. If we had to look after your Bourbons, we probably wouldn't. They'd be long gone.

1. Dodo Juice Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and we will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully, in accordance with GDPR regulations.
2. We will not email you unless you have given us your consent by supplying your email address.
3. By giving an email address you warrant that you have the legal right to do so and that this is your personal email address and not that of anyone else.
4. The data we collect will only be used by Dodo Juice Ltd to send you relevant information regarding products that we sell and the Waxstock car care event that we co-organise. We hate PPI emails and irrelevant offers even more than you do, so if your inbox gets clogged up with '30% Off Fence Panels This Weekend Only!!!'messages, then it isn't us. Honest.
5. We will not sell or pass on the data to third parties without your explicit consent. We could probably make a few bitcoins passing on details to scammers on the dark web, but we won't. Cub's honour.
6. The type of information we collect about you may include your name, email address and (in the case of orders, competitions and giveaways) your postal address.
7. This information is collected when you enter your information on this website or provide us with the information by email or other method of contact. We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.
8. We will endeavour to keep the information we hold about you up-to-date. You can check the information that we hold about you at any time by emailing shop -at- dodojuice -dot- com with a suitable request. If there are inaccuracies please let us know and we will correct the data as promptly as we can. But still probably after lunch.
9. When we contact you we will give you the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter. You can also unsubscribe at any time by simply emailing shop -at- dodojuice -dot- com with 'Unsubscribe Dodo Juice Newsletter' in the subject line. We will endeavour to unsubscribe the email address that the message has been sent from within 72 hours of receiving the email. We cannot guarantee unsubscription unless these steps are followed exactly.
10. The personal information that we hold will be securely held in accordance with our own internal security policy and the law.
11. If we intend to transfer your information outside the European Economic Area then we will always obtain your consent first. Nigeria is within the EU, right?
12. When you are browsing this website we may use technology such as a 'cookie' to monitor your use of this site, e.g. what areas of the site you use or visit most, or how often you visit this website. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your/the user's hard drive containing information about you/the user, and it is not linked to any personal information on our site. You may be able to prevent the use of cookies when browsing by adjusting your browser settings and still be able to visit this site, but some functions may be disabled. But as mentioned above, we're more fussed about Bourbons.
13. No responsibility will be accepted for misuse of data if all reasonable attempts have been made to secure it and protect it from such misuse. We do everything we can to prevent socially-impaired thirteen year old hackers from infiltrating our firewalls (the company Razzle is hardcopy only, has never been digitised and no images are kept on our servers) and we try not to click on dodgy emails, even those from, or with attachments of, nudie ladies.
14. If you have any questions or comments about privacy or data, you should email us at shop -at- dodojuice -dot- com
15. We reserve the right to cancel orders and issue a refund if we feel that fulfilling the order may lead to a financial loss for Dodo Juice Ltd or for any other reason. You will be informed before order fulfilment if your order is to be cancelled and refunded.
16. Orders cannot be cancelled once placed unless in exceptional circumstances - purchasing from the shop is a legally binding contract and payment has completed. We incur costs after purchase has occurred, whether internally or from third party providers. In exceptional circumstances, orders may be fully or partially refunded (usually at 90% for orders of £100 and under, or 95% for orders over £100). Partial refunds are used to cover administration costs, restocking charges and other fees incurred.






Legal Definitions

'You' - The customer. Hello. What are you doing reading this? You're a lawyer? Ah. OK. The last person here was a Google adbot and they only rank a little higher than lawyers for friendly conversation. But you're welcome to stay and enjoy the rest of the page while we track your IP address and download compromising pictures from your Facebook account.

'Us, We' - Dodo Juice Ltd, a company that makes superior car care products. Our marketing man told us to say that. He doesn't like lawyers much. Our lawyer, Mr Wesson wanted us to say 'supposedly superior' but we told him it was a clear matter of fact and that we'd clean his car for him after lunch, and he suddenly changed his mind.

'They' - Mr Smith and Mr Wesson, mildly alarming legal practitioners, based in Petite Riviere, Mauritius. See below. 

'The Products' - Stuff 'we' make or sell. Car waxes, car shampoos, car polish. We don't make everything, of course. Mr Skittles tried knitting a microfibre drying towel once and it looked like someone had tried making a onesie from Fuzzy Felt. We therefore source our microfibre products from international textile barons. 'Source them responsibly,' we said. 'We're into ethics.' Our far eastern agent knew instantly what we meant. 'Into Ethics? No problem, Mr Dom. We ship to FOB Felixstowe.' So that reassured us.

'Vajazzle' - a cosmetic decoration applied to a ladygarden. You never know when a definition like that will come in handy, so we've included it here.

Legal Statements

We reserve the right to refuse orders or to make product substitutions when it is reasonable for us to do so. You may be annoyed if this happens. So we will let you know if it does.

Specifications of products may vary and photographs are illustrative only. We do try and keep pictures up to date, however, to prevent you writing to us like some angry old Colonel complaining about military spending cuts to the Editor of The Daily Telegraph.

'Dodo Juice', the Dodo Juice logo and 'Supernatural' are registered trade marks of Dodo Juice Ltd, UK. All images and text found on this website are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced or copied without the express permission of Dodo Juice Ltd. You may think that you can ignore this, but we will employ Liam Neeson to hunt you down, subdue you and put you into a small postage-paid crate marked for the attention of Mr Smith and Mr Wesson, Petite Riviere, Mauritius, whereupon we will ask them to deal with you in any manner they see fit.

Dodo Juice and Supernatural are brands owned and administrated by Dodo Juice Ltd, Unit 10 Golds Business Park, Jenkins Drive, Elsenham, Essex CM22 6JX, UK. Dodo Juice Ltd is a limited company registered in the UK, number 06183699. VAT number GB 912 9601 32. That's us.