10th Anniversary Rainforest Rub Wax - OFFER - A wax pour to celebrate our first 10 years in the industry

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW0185

In the month of June 2017, we celebrated 10 years of being in the car care industry. Although there was a lot of work before June, that was our official start date. Rainforest Rub was our first wax, so it only seemed fitting to have the 10th anniversary celebrated using the same wax.

The result was the 10th Anniversary special edition panel pot.

We gave away one of these waxes to three lucky winners each day (30 days of June meant 90 winners). We did a couple as competition prizes as well, but we kept a few back for you, the Dodo Juice Shopper.

Have part of our legacy in your collection and here's to the next 10 years and beyond!

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