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Begging for free stuff? Got a load of pretend Iraqi gold that you need some of our funds to release? Struggling to detail your car to within an inch of its life? Whatever it is, Malcolm and the rest of the Dodo Juice Customer Care Car Care Crew crave courteous correspondence courtesy of Contact Us form completion. Try saying that with a mouthful of crystal meth. Malcolm has. And to be fair, he made as much sense as normal.

Malcolm hard at work sorting out customer enquiries on a Monday morning.Here's Malcolm hard at work on a Monday, sorting a few packing notes after dealing with the customer care emails. He's always on the button. The delete one mainly.

Before we start it is worth mentioning: 

We make our own products to our own recipes in small batches using high quality ingredients, i.e. it isn't the bulk chemical slop most companies put in fancy bottles and overcharge for. Therefore we don't give it away for free. Samples are plentiful on our webshop and priced fairly. There is also sponsorship available to the most deserving candidates.

All raffle prizes requested have to have a charitable angle attached to a verifiable event within 3 months of the request. We give a healthy amount to charity already so we will say no occasionally.

Our tutorials section is great for basic process, but we will always try and give good product usage advice and product recommendations when requested.

Always include as much info as you can about your car (make, model age, originality of paint), products and process used previously, expectations, budget etc. Anything that may be relevant. There are many variables in detailing...

If the form below doesn't work, you can get in touch by emailing us at thedodo -at- dodojuice -dot- com, by calling our customer careline on 07403 372 247 (strictly no sales calls) or by writing to us with quill and parchment to Dodo Juice Ltd, 14 Oak Industrial Park, Great Dunmow, CM61XN, UK. 

Dodo Juice is a Limited Company, registered in England, number 06183699. VAT number: GB 912 9601 32.