Get Sponsored by the Dodo!

Whilst we don't give our products away for free - they aren't the cheap rubbish that others can afford to offload by the ton - we do have a few sponsorship schemes. If you're an influencer, reviewer, an owner of an interesting show car, a racer with vinyl space to spare or the admin of a car club... read on.

We understand that some of you can help us promote our brand a little more than others. Maybe you have a billion Instagram followers or a golden Lamborghini with wheels made out of cheese. We've therefore worked out a few schemes to help you get discounts and stuff in return for giving the Dodo some glory.


You will need at least 5k followers on Instagram or 5k subscribers on YouTube. We offer percentage points off depending on your following (up to 100% with a credit amount then based on your reach and following). Contact us for more information.


We can only send you free stuff to review if you show us the breadth and depth of your talents first. If you have more than 5k followers, just get in touch and we'll take it from there. If you don't, grab a Dodo Juice product (borrow it from a friend, it doesn't have to be new) and do a quick write up or video, then send us the link via the contact form. If we like how you approach things and handle our brand, we'll send you some new stuff to review and you can keep it all afterwards. Note that generic reviews about other products don't cut the mustard with Mr Skittles. There are hundreds of reviews of our products out there already, and 99% of these haven't required any help or assistance in order to happen. We also only like genuine, impartial and passionate reviews. We hate good reviews that are 'paid for'. There's enough BS out there already.

Scene Scheme (show cars)

If you have a decent show car that you take to events, have a few Instagram followers and love decent car care products, step this way. All you need to do is fill in our Scene Scheme Application Form and send in a pic of your car showing that it has one or more Dodo Juice stickers on it AND a Mr Skittles soft toy mascot somewhere inside or on it (to help you represent the brand). Once we get the qualifying pic, we'll send you a small welcome gift and put you into a discount group to get 20% off all future Dodo Juice webshop orders, on top of existing kit/bundle discounts and shipping offers. That could be a real 25-40% if you shop wisely. What's more, we also have up to 16 Scene Scholars to pick every year. These lucky ambassadors get a substantial product package and 40% discount on top of the usual shop discounts and offers (a real 45-60%).

Fill out the Scene Scheme Application, read carefully and send the filled in form back to us.

Race Reps (race cars)

We all know racing costs a fortune but we also know we'd be racing if we had money to throw at it. We don't. We have car care products to help keep your race car shiny - assuming you have a little vinyl space free for a sticker or four. How do you get onboard? Simple. Get in touch to buy some race car stickers at a discounted rate. Then take a pic of your stickered up race car, fill in the Race Reps Application Form and wait for a motorsport-orientated car care kit to turn up worth over £50 (UK race cars only, one pack per customer per year).

Download the Race Reps Application, read carefully and send your pic and shop account details to us.

Pro Detailers

If you're a professional valeter or detailer - not someone who is 'thinking of becoming one', we mean someone actually doing the job full-time - then you can become a Dodo Juice Authorised Detailer if you're based in the UK. This scheme is managed by PVD ( and you'll get a significant discount once signed up. You'll need to buy a welcome pack full of relevant products to get onto the scheme (the cost is around £100, but the products are worth a lot more) and you renew by simply purchasing a £50 voucher for our products to be used within 12 months. It means that pros can use the best retail products out there, rather than having to stick with cheap bulk trade chemicals. For more info, contact PVD directly.