Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet - 20 page machine polishing guide to get the fundementals

Dodo Juice


Machine polishing can be daunting, especially if you've never dabbled with it before. If only someone could guide you in the basic paint correction principles and techniques. Oh, wait... that's what this 20 page guide is for!

Calling upon the knowledge of the Dodo deities, the use of diagrams and some lovely hand modelling, this guide is all you need to be on your way to machine polishing enlightenment.

This informative guide covers Orbital/DA (DAS-6) as well as Rotary machine polishing techniques.

  • Learn how to get started SAFELY
  • Find out why machine polishing doesn't need to be daunting or frightening... you just need patience and common sense
  • Learn about pads, polishes and the other variables that affect cut
  • Understand different machine types and how to use them properly
  • Basic and advanced polishing techniques described
  • Hints and tips from masking up to cleaning up
  • Focus on Dodo Juice machines, polishes and pads 

For a more exhaustive guide to machine polishing, you may also like 'Automotive Detailing: In Detail' which is available from Amazon, slightly geeky bookshops and our webshop, here. 

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