About Us

Back in 2007, you either chose mass-market products that offered you average quality ingredients in large bottles at low prices. Or you had your pants pulled down by a 'boutique wax' company selling you something over-priced and over-marketed in a fancy container.
And then we came along.

Our aim was simple. To bring a specialist range of high quality car care products to the market, at reasonable prices. No daft packaging. No dodgy claims. And no made-up ingredients or hollow buzz words. In fact, we called ourselves 'Dodo Juice' to make fun of those brands. 'We only squeeze the finest dodos for their rare oil, and it is only this oil that can make your car shine like no other.' We knew that approach was just taking advantage of naive consumers, yet a lack of regulation means that unscrupulous car care companies could prosper.

We therefore made products as expensively as we could, rather than dumbing them down to be as cheap as possible. We made them in small batches by hand so we didn't have a million litres of a 'one polish suits all' product that we'd then sell as being 'perfect' for dozens of different paint types, even if we knew it wouldn't be. We priced everything fairly - sometimes a product ended up being more expensive than a mass market equivalent, but sometimes they worked out cheaper (our refill concentrates are particularly cost-effective). Check out our detailing spray and clays - the best quality for less than the mass market will charge you.

Today, our range has grown to over 200 products (from the five waxes we launched with), and it's sold in over 40 countries. Many of the products have won awards; the first Dodo Juice shampoo, Born to be Mild, has won Detailing World Wash Product of the Year for four consecutive years. Clearly Menthol glass cleaner and Supernatural Leather Cleaner both won their categories in the 2015 Auto Express awards and the Leather Cleaner has been winning ever since. Recently, we've scooped a couple more for Future Armour and Total Wipe Out in 2018. Even the company itself gets some occasional silverware, with an HSBC Start Up Stars Award just three years after foundation.

We're not the cheapest brand in the market, nor the most expensive, so only educated consumers (and previous Dodo Juice customers) know what we're about. It's not an easy way to earn a living. We could sell more products by making products that people are conditioned to buy, rather than what they should be buying. We could tell everyone that the products are 'ceramic' when they're just nano tech. Maybe add in some graphene when regular ingredients compete with it, or even beat it. But we're in it for the long haul. We'll keep pushing good detailing process, keep making good products honestly, and keep offering unrivalled customer care. Then, when your current car shampoo runs out, or you need a new jar of car wax, all we ask is that you think of us.