'Automotive Detailing - In Detail' book (272 pages) - a complete guide to detailing

'Automotive Detailing - In Detail' book (272 pages) - a complete guide to detailing

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Automotive Detailing - In Detail, by Dom Colbeck, Jon Steele and David McLean (DaveKg)

After nearly 10 years in the detailing industry, Dom - co-founder of Dodo Juice - has finally had his learnings, thoughts and insights scribbled down and published in a weighty book by Crowood Press - alongside valuable contributions by Dave McLean (the legendary DaveKg from Detailing World) and Jon Steele (Epoch). True, you could probably find the info spread as thinly as Marmite across the internet but you'd need to trawl thousands of posts and dozens of internet forums, websites and discussion groups. This collates all that info into one book, complete with diagrams and photos. It's easier to reference than your mobile phone or laptop when deep into a live detail, plus it bridges that difficult gap between detailer and chemist, i.e. why products work as they do, and why you should choose them for one job and not another. Remember, well over a decade ago, Dom barely knew what wax was or how to detail a car, and had to find out the answers himself the long way round. He's made wax, specified car care products and become a competent detailer with training from the best around. And now a lot of that info is written down in one place. Even a pro may find an undiscovered hint or tip useful.

Here's what the blurb says:

"Automotive Detailing - In Detail takes the combined experience and expertise of three leading detailing commentators to provide a thorough and expansive overview of automotive detailing techniques. From the pre-wash, wash and preparation stages, through machine polishing to paint protection and maintenance, every detailing stage is covered: surface types, contaminants and products are analysed, before the actual processes are laid bare. In the age of the internet and social media, a plethora of detailing knowledge is available online, yet it is strangely difficult to discover completely, or harness usefully. This book redresses the balance.

Whether you are new to detailing or an experienced professional, there will be valuable information inside to improve your car care regime and fine-tune your knowledge and skills. Above all, this book should help tackle the confusion that arises from conflicting advice and half-informed internet assistance - and sets out the fundamental principles of 'good detailing'."

As recommended by PVD (Pro Valeters and Detailers association, www.pro-valets.co.uk)

Published by Crowood Press, 272 pages, over 300 photographs etc.

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