5 litre Dispensing Pump - 51mm neck, fits 5 litre containers for easy dispensing/dosing

Dodo Juice


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Our 5 litre refill containers are handy for the pro-detailer or avid detailing enthusiast, but they can be tricky to use. Balance a bottle with a funnel sticking out of the top, then glug the 5 litre in... not easy. Try it single handed and next week you'll be on Britain's Got Talent. It's a two person job most of the time.

Our 30ml dose heavy duty pump dispenser is perfect for use with all 5 litre products that don't currently come with a pump dispenser (shampoos are the only products that come with a dispenser as standard). Use it for decanting products or directly dosing snow foam lance bottles, applicators etc.

It also fits other UN-style 5 litre containers, plastic jerry cans or other containers with a 51mm neck size.

Finally, it features a 'twist to lock' closing mechanism, to prevent leaks in transit. Or leaks in your Transit, if you have a Transit.

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