Adding Gloss

Maintenance Techniques for Adding Gloss

Happy people are shiny people. Or was it shiny people that are happy people? Whatever it was, we know that you love a little bit of gloss. Here’s how to top up the shine...

The initial coat of wax applied weeks or months ago will still be present after a wash, but it will degrade over time. What if you need to give the finish a bit of additional bling, say, just before going to a car show?
Once again, Detailing Spray is your friend. Grab your Extra-soft Buffing Cloth and work your way around the clean, dry car. Virtually all surfaces can be given a light sheen, including paint, plastic trim and rubber.
Your buffing cloth shouldn’t get dirty – if you’ve cleaned the car properly first, of course! If it does get dirty, work out what areas of the car you missed and then make an effort to detail them properly next time. After giving yourself a Chinese burn.

Extra protection on top of this glossy finish shouldn’t be necessary, but if you really feel the urge, reach for your Protection Wax or apply a spray sealant like Supernatural Acrylic Spritz.
Detailing Spray really is useful. If you get through a lot of it, remember that we do a concentrate that makes 10 litres of this wonder spray when diluted with regular household-grade tap water.
Car detailed, maintenance sorted. You’re now clued up on the details of detailing, and the finer points of paint finishing.

Now go and make something shiny...