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Interior care - Dodo Juice Cabin Krug

    Let's be honest, if your car is sparkling on the outside, doesn't it deserve the same treatment inside? The answer is yes, and you know it makes sense Rodney. We're going to talk about Cabin Krug.         Cabin Krug is our Dodo Juice All-Rounder for the interior, a versatile interior cleaning spray that can be used on pretty much all surfaces inside your car. If your dashboard has the grease marks from the drive-thru (Drive-Through?) you got the other night, they will be expunged from your car forever more (or until you get another drive-thru / Drive-through). Cabin Krug interior cleaner spray doesn't just stop there though, no siree! If Car headlining has muddy marks from your...

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Apple iFoam - The pH neutral Snow Foam and why it’s needed in your detailing arsenal

Is Snow Foam necessary? The short answer is yes! Using Apple iFoam ( our dedicated pH neutral snow foam ) can help reduce swirls, allows for a contactless wash and won’t degrade any protection ( wax or sealant ) that is already on your paintwork. 

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