Interior care - Dodo Juice Cabin Krug



Let's be honest, if your car is sparkling on the outside, doesn't it deserve the same treatment inside? The answer is yes, and you know it makes sense Rodney. We're going to talk about Cabin Krug




 Cabin Krug is our Dodo Juice All-Rounder for the interior, a versatile interior cleaning spray that can be used on pretty much all surfaces inside your car. If your dashboard has the grease marks from the drive-thru (Drive-Through?) you got the other night, they will be expunged from your car forever more (or until you get another drive-thru / Drive-through). Cabin Krug interior cleaner spray doesn't just stop there though, no siree! If Car headlining has muddy marks from your pet trying to escape as you're doing donuts in the abandoned Toys "R" Us carpark at 60mph, take a nice non-linting cloth (Maybe our Dodo Juice Rag Queen), spray a little Cabin Krug on to the Headlining and then wipe with your cloth and Bob's your uncle, Fanny is your Auntie and Fred is the bloke that you only see buy Milk and Toilet paper. 

 "What about the tricky bits Dodo Juice? Like around gear sticks and buttons?" We hear you ask in a hypothetical manner as if you weren't just reading a blog in your pyjama's. Again get your Dodo Juice Cabin Krug Interior Cleaning Spray and reach for a Dodo Juice Hog Brush Kit  . The Natural Bristles on a Dodo Juice Hog Brush Kit makes it softer to use than synthetic Nylon alternatives (and no one wants to scratch their interior anywhere).  


 A couple of squirts of Cabin Krug Interior Cleaner Spray and a tickle of the one of the Hog Brushes...

 The Dodo Juice Hog Brush Kit makes it great to tackle all the areas that a work cloth can't quite reach


 Then give a wipe with a lint-free or short pile cloth and you get a lovely finished result.

 Dodo Juice Cabin Krug Interior Cleaning Spray is available in two sizes. A  handy 100ml bottle that compliments a glove compartment nicely. Also as the "normal" sized 500ml bottle with trigger spray head.


 Here at Dodo Juice, we also have a handy Interior Cleaning kit available on our webshop. It's called Minterior Interior and contains Cabin Krug Interior Cleaning Spray 500ml , Mint Condition Detailing Spray 500ml , Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner Spray 500ml , Dodo Juice Hog Brush Kit (Two detailing natural bristles cleaning brushes) and Merry Berry Air Freshener Spray 100ml .