Apple iFoam - The pH neutral Snow Foam and why it’s needed in your detailing arsenal

Apple iFoam Snow Foam can be used as a pre-wash or as a contactless wash on a lightly soiled car. Apple iFoam is a pH-Neutral snow foam to preserve previously applied wax or sealant layers, it also helps soften, loosen and remove dirt before the main contact wash (two bucket method preferred please!) 
Apple iFoam snow foam must be used with a pressure washer and foam lance like our Snow Commotion foam lance to experience the full foaming goodness. The Snow Commotion foam lance is made of brass, comes with a 1 litre dosing bottle and has adjustments for mixture (top knob), blade compression (twistable nozzle) and even spray orientation (vertical, horizontal or anything in-between). 
When using Apple iFoam through a snow foam lance it's best to start at the top and work down in sections (for example starting at the back of the car go roof, boot / trunk to bumper), so any loosened dirt will run down the car and be pushed away. Then carry on to the next section.
 Is Snow Foam necessary? The short answer is yes! Using Apple iFoam (our dedicated pH neutral snow foam) can help reduce swirls, allows for a contactless wash and won’t degrade any protection (wax or sealant) that is already on your paintwork.