Cabin Krug 500ml - interior cleaning spray (hard and soft surfaces) HS 3405300000

Cabin Krug 500ml - interior cleaning spray (hard and soft surfaces) HS 3405300000

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If you want to keep your car interior in First Class condition, look no further than our posh cleaning spray, Cabin Krug. (Do they even call a car interior a cabin anymore? A cockpit? Probably not since 1922.) Anyway, it's for the inside of your car.

There's a multitude of uses for this luxurious liquor.

Firstly, it's perfect for cleaning all hard surfaces; namely dash, plastic trim, interior panels, bits of pretend wood and all those touch screens you seem to get these days. If it's hard and it's inside your car, you can give it a tickle with Cabin Krug and it's going to come up clean. Sticky fingerprints and Werthers' residue begone. That old fizzy drink spillage and grease from an old Ginster's pasty - obliterated.

Now you'll want to try it on SOFT interior surfaces, like the seats, carpet and headlining. Now we don't want to know why there are footprints on the headlining, but we do know how to get rid of them. With a squirt or two of Cabin Krug with a white or colour-fast non-linting cloth, brush or sponge.

Finally, interior glass - tinted or otherwise - can be given a proper clean. Now it's not going to be quite the superstar that Clearly Menthol is, but it's going to get it clean and it's residue-free.

So effectively, you can pretty much spray it anywhere inside a car, give it a buff, and then marvel at the overall convenience of an All-in-One interior spray.

The ultimate interior all-rounder.

Note that we also do Cabin Krug in a smaller 100ml sprayer, ideal for sampling or for keeping in your glovebox, along with a soft microfibre or two. It could even supercharge those dried out cockpit wipes!