Merry Berry 100ml - lush berry fragrance air freshener spray HS 9616101000

Merry Berry 100ml - lush berry fragrance air freshener spray HS 9616101000

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If you love the smell of Born to be Mild shampoo - and let's face it, everyone does - you'll love this glovebox sized air freshener.

Why? Because it smells exactly the same.

Yes, we used the same berries fragrance to make this 100ml air freshener and then shamelessly used a pun inspired by the host of a popular competitive baking show to make it more interesting.

Forget soggy bottoms and Technical Challenges, we're talking about a lush fragrance inspired by frothy bubbles and Aromatically Challenged car interiors. 'Red berries, dark fruit, blackcurrants... tingling hedgerow notes colliding with succulent aromas.' Well, that's what it says on this bottle of Merlot we're cribbing the description from.

OK, so that's the fragrance checked off.

On to usage... easy. Just spray it under your front seats or into the footwell carpet if it's dark in colour. A couple of squirts will keep your car smelling fresh for a few days. There's enough in this 100ml bottle for about 20-30 applications... potentially months of aromatic cabin action.

Storage - car glovebox, door bin or central console storage compartment. Always to hand. Always handy.

Please note that spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining and overspray droplets may cause shiny spots. So wipe away any neat residue that falls on hard surfaces and avoid spraying onto light fabrics or materials. You may be able to squirt into ventilation grills but this usually leaves a residue that needs to be wiped off afterwards. The choice, dear customer, is yours. We just make the stuff.