Two Bucket Method


‘Take two buckets onto the drive? Of course, I do. Because I’m a detailer!’ Yes, that’s right folks. Two buckets are most definitely better than one. Read on and you’ll find out why.

Get two buckets, 10-20 litres in size. A single bucket cannot be divided in half. You’ll need to buy two. Also consider purchasing a Grit Guard or Scratch Shield, ideally one for each bucket. These plastic grates sit in the bucket and dirt sinks through to the bottom, beyond the reach of a mitt and it is also less likely to be ‘swirled up’.
Fill one bucket with a soapy shampoo, like our Wax-safe Wash (the ‘wash bucket’). Fill the other one with water (the ‘rinse bucket’). Warm water can be used if you’re posh. It isn’t strictly necessary but it’s kinder to hands that do dishes and it will remove the dirt a little more.
Take your wash mitt or wash pad and grab a fistful of wash water from the wash bucket. Start washing the car from the top panels down. When the mitt or pad needs reloading, dunk it into the rinse bucket and give it a good shake. Then pick up fresh wash water from the wash bucket.

Work your way around the car and do the wheels last – they’ll be really filthy. Notice how the wash bucket water is (almost) like Evian and the rinse bucket water is like the local pond? That’s the two bucket method for you... only clean(ish) water is used to wash the car. Less dirt means less grit to scratch your paint.
Finally, rinse the car thoroughly with clean water from a hose or pressure washer. Or if you live in a flat, use an open-spout watering can or slosh a bucket over the car.
If you’re claying, leave the car wet. Otherwise, get you’re microfibre and let’s dry...