Grit Guard bucket filter - helps prevent wash marring

Dodo Juice


The Grit Guard is a patented piece of wash bucket cleverness from the USA. Sitting in the bottom of a bucket, it allows sediment to fall through its grid so it can’t be picked up by a sponge or mitt, and also helps prevent the dirt being distributed throughout the wash water again, when the water is agitated (thanks to those fins it sits on).

You can also brush debris from your wash or mitt by stroking it against the grid. Handy, eh?

These are ORIGINAL Grit Guards sourced from our friends at GG over in the States. Not inferior Chinese copies. If a Grit Guard is cheaper, it may be fake, or not a Grit Guard as various other types of bucket filter are available. These are more robust and a bit larger than the UK Scratch Shield bucket filters we also stock. A serious, heavy duty choice - if your bucket can take them.

Available in blue for Wash buckets, red for Rinse buckets and black for Wheels buckets. Check out our bucket kits if you want a suitable bucket as well.

Please note that the Grit Guard is 265mm in diameter, so make sure your bucket is big enough (like ours are). Standard DIY shop 'builder's buckets' are likely to be too small to accommodate a Grit Guard properly.

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