Scratch Shield adjustable bucket filter - helps prevent wash marring

Dodo Juice


The Scratch Shield is the UK version of the legendary US Grit Guard and has one major difference – it is adjustable to fit a variety of different bucket sizes snugly, including the smaller UK builders’ buckets that prove too small for the beefy Grit Guard.

Once in position, it works in a similar way, helping prevent dirt particles from being picked up by the wash mitt and reducing the ‘swirl’ that can pick up contaminants and distribute them throughout the wash or rinse solution.

An effective, economical and adjustable bucket filter option, that usually suits buckets 9-20 litres in size. Perfect for builder's buckets and even our own. So why stock Grit Guards as well, if these are cheaper? Well, the Grit Guard is larger, more robust and it is the original. If you have large buckets that can take them and a budget to match, we'd plump for the original Grit Guards. But in all other scenarios, it's Scratch Shields for the win.

Scratch Shields come in blue, red and black - just like Grit Guards. We'd suggest blue for wash, red for rinse and black for wheels. Remember, we also do buckets, bucket stickers and kits, if you need more than just a bucket filter.

Diameter 238mm (at height of 65mm from base of bucket).

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