Maintenance Wash

Maintenance Wash Process

‘Keep on top of the finish and you’ll do your paint a favour,’ says Lt-Col Kilgore as he washed his Huey. ‘I love the smell of shampoo in the morning.’

Try and wash your car at least once a fortnight. You never know what’s been landing on it, waiting to scratch the paint or trying to etch itself into the surface. Use the twin bucket wash method described here.
Our pH-neutral Wax-safe Wash is perfect for a maintenance wash because it is tough on dirt but kind to the wax you’ve applied. If you use something like Fairy liquid you’ll risk stripping glaze oils and protection waxes from the paint. Our Protection Wax is pretty resistant to detergents but even so...
Always keep your wash pad and drying towel clean and free from debris. Microfibre is like a magnet for twigs, grass and anything else that Mar the God of Abrasion puts in the way. Wash them regularly and don’t store them where they can get dirty – and never let them touch the floor.

Don’t be too concerned about removing every squashed insect or tar spot. Rubbing hard can do more harm than good. You can tackle these at the Spot Removal stage, coming up next...
After the wash, empty soapy water from the buckets into your sink rather than down the drain in the road. This ensures it gets processed rather than going straight into the water course.
Great stuff… you could do this for a living. Well, in Homebase car park at any rate.