Spot Removal

Maintenance Spot Removal Techniques

Suicidal insects. Inconsiderate birds. Trees that glop goo all over your car. It’s enough to make a grown man cry, or at least reach for the quick detailing spray.

You may not remove everything with the wash, but don’t despair. If you’ve waxed the car, it won’t be too tricky to remove.
Tar, insect debris, tree sap, bird bombs and fuel stains may all prove difficult to shift by washing alone. Normally you’d hit these with an aggressive product, perhaps a strong solvent. But this could hurt the wax or sealant. So what to do?
Simply grab some Detailing Spray and use a soft cloth to carefully rub them into submission. It is a gentle cleaner so this may take a while, but it will leave the wax undisturbed and the glossing-agents will help lubricate the dirt during removal.

Remember to clean the cloth thoroughly afterwards. You don’t want to rub bits of insect into the paint next time you use it. A 40 degree wash with non-bio liquid (and no softener/conditioner) is all that’s needed usually, with a tumble dry afterwards.
If you find a tar spot that can’t be removed by the detailer, you could clay it with a fine clay or use a solvent on it (even domestic solvents like White Spirit may suffice). However, recoat the area with Protection Wax after, to ensure it is fully protected.
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