Clay Pad Kit - synthetic clay polymedia pads (Fine, Medium and Twin grades)

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Clay Pads are a versatile piece of clay media brilliance. Clay mitts, clay cloths and other types of 'polymedia' have really taken off in the detailing industry, so we've taken it upon ourselves to shake things up a bit.

Our 'finger pad' design empowers you with the same 'feel' that you would get with regular clay, allowing you to handle the pad with the tips and underside of your fingers. You'll be able to feel the decontaminated sections better than with a cloth or mitt. And because it comes with an adjustable 'hook and loop' strap, it'll stay connected to your fingers without coming off... one size fits all.

The pads are removable as well, so they can be replaced easily. Choose from a Twin pack with both fine and medium grade pads in, or go for two pads of the same type (fine or medium). Note that we find clay media on the gentler side of the clay cutting chart, so medium grade polymedia may not be quite as aggressive as medium grade clay - but it does depend on various factors and there is still the chance of marring soft paint (so be cautious and always test on an inconspicuous area first if required).

The main benefit, however, of these pads is their long-lasting and economical nature. They can last far longer than regular clay because they can be cleaned during and after the detail (instead of being 'used up').

Effectively, it’s reusable clay. No need to fold or throw away… they’ll last dozens of cars before losing their effectiveness (making them potentially much more cost-effective than standard clay).

To use, simply wet and lube a panel in the usual way, then glide the pad over the panel, occasionally rinsing the clay pad in a rinse bucket of clean water.

Please note that the fine and medium grade clay pads do still carry a small marring risk (like with clay). Marring will be light and easily machine-polished out, but if unsure, test on an inconspicuous area first.

Don't know how to clay? Don't worry. Just visit our tutorials here.

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