Wheel Protection


What goes around… well, gets covered in crud really quickly. So it’s important to seal your wheels with a temperature resistant wax or sealant after you’ve cleaned them. They’ll generally get more grief than your car’s bodywork.

After washing and claying your wheels, you need a temperature resistant wax or sealant to keep them looking good, and to make maintenance a doddle. Luckily, our Protection Wax also doubles as a wheel sealant. Handy, huh?
Ensure the wheels are clean and cool. Use a wax applicator (or less-coveted piece of sponge) to apply the wax. Remember to try and do behind the spokes. If your wheels are still dirty, this is where you’ll find out!
Give the wax double the normal cure time, because your wheels need all the help they can get. 15-45 minutes would normally be perfect. Then buff the residue with a soft microfibre cloth.

If you have time, leave the wheels for an hour and then apply a second coat of wax. This is as much as to ensure complete coverage as anything else.
Don’t forget to wax your spare wheel, too. JOKES! You’ve got to draw the line somewhere... although the best Show and Shine cars will have waxed spare wheels, waxed valve caps, waxed trunions and anything else that's waxable...
Nice wheels. It wouldn’t be called ‘detailing’ if we left it there, though.