Trim & Glass Protection

Trim & Glass

Like a mullet on a boy band member, it’s the details that can sometimes let down an otherwise perfect exterior. Dull trim and dirty glass are the detailing equivalent of a disastrous haircut, so you’ll need to sort them out.

It’s not just your paint that can be protected – most other exterior surfaces can be protected from the elements, too.
Trim shouldn’t be waxed unless it is smooooth. Textured plastics will capture residue from waxes and polishes and this is why they can sometimes look grey or have white specs embedded in them. Use a dedicated trim protectant instead. On the smooth trim, our Protection Wax will do a great job.
Glass can be sealed to help keep it clean and even improve visibility in the rain. We’d recommend a nano technology product like Supernatural Glass Sealant.

Exposed metal can benefit from a coat of Protection Wax or Metal of Honour as well. Exhaust tips, chrome trim and even under-bonnet components can be coated. Unlike normal waxes, Protection Wax has a high melting point and can cope with the temps.
Interior surfaces don’t need as much protection because they aren’t exposed to the elements. In fact, leather can be protected from premature wear by being kept clean – try using our Detailing Spray as a gentle cleaner.
That’s the car finished. Well done. But before we go, let’s talk maintenance...