Winter Warrior - winter decon and protection bundle (5 items) £7 saving

Winter Warrior - winter decon and protection bundle (5 items) £7 saving

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Winter brings its detailing challenges. Constant muck, road salt everywhere - and even less opportunity to clean your car.

This Winter Warrior kit helps you tackle the colder months with the following products:

- Crudzilla 1 litre citrus TFR spray, to help remove road grime and crud.

- Spirited Away 500ml concentrated screenwash, with ice-beating performance down to as low as -40 degrees, to help keep your windscreen clean and maximise visibility.

- Shinecraft 30ml hybrid wax for application before winter sets in, so that your car is protected all the way through winter (Shinecraft will give a normal 4-6 months of protection being a high performing hybrid wax).

- Wheeler Sealer 100ml wheel sealant to apply to your rims, as we all know how dirty wheels get in winter; this product helps their dirt resistance preventing them becoming quite as contaminated as they would normally, and also making them easier to clean afterwards.

- Max Pane 100ml glass sealant, to help keep your side and rear windows a little clearer and make them easier to clean.

(£49 list price of items = £7 saving)