Unobtanium 'B' Container - car wax collectible - UNIQUE

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00095

Dodo Juice Unobtanium 'B' (or 'Blue') was one of six wax containers commissioned in 2006 and never launched. The idea was that a handful of 'uber-waxes' would be created, with each one offering unparalleled performance in one particular area.

Unobtanium 'B' was actually the 'Beading' wax, and the product inside - if it had ever been made - would have been formulated for unbeatable water repellence (even if durability or finish was reduced by a mild amount).

As such, it had a Latin inscription engraved into the rim - the translation reads 'I'm only happy when it rains'.

The container is made from aluminium and is spark eroded, machine turned, engraved and anodised by a supplier to F1 teams and supercar manufacturers.

It is airtight thanks to its O-ring seal and is very much a special Dodo Juice item that will never be reproduced in its current form, although a modified version of this container may be made available for a forthcoming superwax.

An anodised yellow container from the same Unobtanium range (Unobtanium 'P') was given away to a customer as part of our third birthday celebrations, in a competition; this was nicknamed 'The Golden Juice'. 

As part of the price, we will fill the wax container with a current wax recipe of choice at no extra charge (should that be desired).


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