Supernatural Polishing Pad - recessed foam cutting pad, 160mm (6.5 inch) - OFFER


£5.83 £8.33
SKU: LW00130

We have a lot of ideas. I mean a lot.

Some come to fruition, others make it quite far... then get shelved.

It all depends on a number of variables (usually time, time, time and also time).

Sometimes we even get an accessory made for us, and then decide to go in a different direction. That's what's happened here. 

This foam pad is a heavy polishing/cutting orange foam pad, slightly larger than normal at 160mm to allow it to be recessed for extra safety when polishing (to keep the hard backing plate edge away from paint surfaces).

It's suitable for use with 120-125mm backing plates and comes in unbranded packaging.

We only have a limited number of these, so if you are looking for a good value foam cutting pad, this could be the one.

Please note that orange cutting foams can generate very high panel temperatures and are therefore not recommended for inexperienced users or for use with orbital/DA machines (use the Midi Microfibre pad instead).

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