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Balmy Army kit - spring and summer detailing bundle (6 items) £8 saving HS 3405300000

Balmy Army kit - spring and summer detailing bundle (6 items) £8 saving HS 3405300000

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When the weather starts to improve, you'll find a few more contaminants coming into play. Suicidal insects pepper the front of your car, the roads melt and flick tar up your wheel arches and beyond... and even birds snack on fresh berries and leave the digestive results behind on your gleaming paintwork. And that's before you contend with shorter working times and water spots.

This Balmy Army kit helps you tackle the warmer months with the following products:

- Flies Undone bug and bird mess remover 500ml; you'll be using plenty of this.

- Tarmageddon 500ml tar removing spray for all the tar flecks.

- Born to be Mild shampoo 500ml, our concentrated residue-free shampoo with limescale inhibitors in to reduce water spots. This 500ml bottle will be enough to wash a car every fortnight through spring and summer.

- Clearly Menthol 500ml glass cleaner and our Mint Merkin glass cloth, because your glass will be the first to show water spots. The Mint Merkin cleans effectively with more 'bite' than regular microfibres.

- Future Armour nano spray sealant 100ml; this helps protect bodywork and prevents it from becoming quite as contaminated as it would do normally... it also makes it easier to clean afterwards. Bugs simply can't stick to sealed paintwork as well as they can to untreated surfaces.

(£53 list price of items = £8 saving)