Spirito di Dodo - fortified specialist home brew solvent

Dodo Juice


A sophisticated low volatility (and odourless) solvent as used in Dodo Juice's own waxes, mixed with synthetic fortifiers to improve performance (of both buffing and beading).

Colourless to allow for user-determined colouring during brewing. Add raw wax – plus dye and fragrance if you choose – and a bespoke creation will be ready in next to no time at all, with surprisingly little effort (some home brewing skills still required!).

The 500ml bottle makes approximately 3-6 jars of wax (200-250ml); the 1 litre bottle makes approximately 6-12 jars. If you pour into smaller jars, the bottles will obviously go much further.

A note for professional home brewers. If you are making car wax yourself in larger quantities, we can sell you a case (or cases) of 12x1 litre bottles of Spirito di Dodo, at a discounted rate. Please contact us for further information. 

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