Snow Foam Lance Connector (only) - choose from 5 fitments

Dodo Juice


Most of our snow foam lances and kits come with the required connections already.

This is a spare part, in case you wanted to adapt an old lance or you purchased the wrong type of connector by mistake.

All these connectors have a female G1/4" thread and will usually require a brass 'male to male' interconnect to work with a snow foam lance (sold separately, if required).

Choose from the following connector types:

  • Karcher K-series (plastic bayonet style)
  • Karcher HD (brass with round plastic collar)
  • Kranzle M22 (brass, threaded)
  • Nilfisk/Kew/Alto (brass bayonet style with rectangular lugs)
  • Nilfisk PRO (brass bayonet style with round lugs)

Please ensure that you check the picture carefully before purchasing as we cannot refund adaptors/connectors purchased in error.

Note that the Nilfisk PRO connector can be a tight fit into the plastic pressure washer gun fitting, due to the moulding lines on the round brass lugs. These may need filing down with a metal file if the fitment is too tight.

*Always use PTFE tape to ensure a water-tight connection when joining snow foam lance fittings*

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