Scarlet Fever 30ml - high-performance hybrid car wax - for warm coloured cars (inc red) HS 3404900000
Scarlet Fever 30ml - high-performance hybrid car wax - for warm coloured cars (inc red) HS 3404900000

Scarlet Fever 30ml - high-performance hybrid car wax - for warm coloured cars (inc red) HS 3404900000

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Hybrid waxes are a fusion of premium natural waxes (like carnauba) and high tech sealant technologies.

This means they deliver the best of both worlds. Great filling, gloss enhancement, water behaviour and ease of use from the wax elements. And superb longevity, durability (including solvent/heat resistance) and shine from the sealant constituents.

In fact, our hybrid waxes are so good that they can go toe to toe with true ceramic sealants for many months and outperform the cheap so-called 'ceramic' products easily. The difference is that you don't need to panel-wipe your car first and you won't need to machine polish off unsightly residues if you get it wrong. More filling and ease of use than a genuine ceramic, and water behaviour that lasts just as long in real terms (ceramics really need actively maintaining every 3 months)... versus the fact you'd just need to recoat your car every 6 months rather than every year... no wonder so many customers are coming back to traditional waxes.

Scarlet Fever is based on our award-winning Supernatural Hybrid recipe that took the detailing community by storm at launch, winning Detailing World's Best Wax and Best Sealant awards in the same year. After all, it's a bit of both.

However, we never had a specific red wax in our Dodo Juice range, so we felt that now was the time to put that right. Of course, you can use any colour wax on any colour car and the colour-neutral Supernatural Hybrid has done a great job of filling that gap in the range for many years. But our dye testing has shown a 2-4% increase in colour enhancement when you 50/50 a white panel with a coloured wax. You may not see Scarlet Fever's red dye much on red or yellow paint, but it's there. And it's going to add the kind of warmth and glow you normally only get on a field-trip to Chernobyl.

It's also worth noting that we always recommend hybrid waxes for customers with metallic or pearlescent cars, because the sealant component gives a little more reflection and shine than regular carnauba waxes. And being heat resistant, you can use hybrid waxes as dedicated wheel sealants

Recoating interval? About every 4-6 months, but that's on a daily driver. On a garaged car used occasionally we'd probably re-wax once a year. And maybe get a finger mitt wax applicator while you are at it - they're small enough to fit into the mouth of these small jars.

This 30ml mini-jar is enough to wax an average sized car 3-4 times (or more... the record is nine coats on a classic Mini). That's over a year of wax protection for just £10. It also makes a great tester or gift...