Rubbish Boy's Juiced Edition 30ml - home brew tribute car wax

Dodo Juice


Rubbish Boy's was the home brew that started it all...

When Ben from Rubbish Boy's asked for help in making his own wax, Dom from Dodo Juice stepped in. A few hundred pages of interweb later and the thread on Detailing World became the basis of hundreds of home brew waxes.

However, it was the Rubbish Boy's Original Edition carnauba wax that first came to fruition, a cult blend made from orange oil, beeswax and carnauba. In tribute to Ben, and to highlight the refinement of a production wax compared to a home-made one, Dodo Juice then created this Juiced Edition – based on the Rubbish Boy's recipe, but made the Dodo way. That's right. We kept the formulation and ingredients as similar as possible, but we 'did it our way' or to swap Frank Sinatra for a more modern icon, Louis Walsh, 'we made it our own'.

Expect a soft wax consistency, healthy 3-4 month recoating intervals - and a nostril-mugging burst of fresh pineapple in the smell department.

A best-selling and cult wax in South Korea. Although North Korea is yet to catch on. Funny that.

By the way, this 30ml mini-jar is enough to wax an average sized car 3-4 times (or more!). It makes a great tester or gift.

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