Release the Grease 1 litre spray - engine bay cleaner/strong citrus degreaser HS 3405300000

Release the Grease 1 litre spray - engine bay cleaner/strong citrus degreaser HS 3405300000

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You may not be aware of this, but our chemists do some of their best formulations when listening to music.

In the case of Release the Grease, they happened to be listening to 'Dirty' by Christina Aguilera.

Whilst getting down and picturing Xtina in her knickers and chaps, they created a powerful degreaser/cleaner with a citrus base, harnessing the natural cleaning power of Orange Oil (amongst other ingredients).

We found it great on engine bays, underbody areas (on cars, not people) and other grimy areas/components.

Once you see that grease and dirt start flowing the moment it hits, we're sure you'll agree, too.

It's a useful addition to the range, and quite frankly, if you haven't used it, we know that your engine bay could do with a spruce up and there's no time like the present...

Just pop this in the basket, wait for the courier to throw it over a neighbour's hedge in a day or two and then prepare your (cool!) engine bay by covering the fuse box and air inlets/ECUs with clingfilm or plastic bags.

Get the spray from your neighbour, jet wash the engine bay gently from a distance to loosen dirt and then apply Release the Grease generously all over grimy components, working it in with a detailing brush (our Hog Brushes work a treat).

Jet wash to rinse and repeat.

A final rinse and some old towels or rags later to dry things up and you'll be ready to remove the cling film and attend to the plastics with a suitable dressing.

The result - an engine bay that looks fresh as the day your car came out of the factory.

Note that Release the Grease can be diluted 50/50 (1:1) with water for lighter cleaning duties/economy but we recommend using it neat for maximum performance.