Dodo Juice Race Livery Kit - race car sponsorship vinyl sticker pack GET SPONSORED!

Dodo Juice


If you have a race car (#becauseracecar) then you'll probably like stickers because these make it go faster, especially if the stickers feature a logo of a very wealthy company that sells tobacco, fuel or clothing made by little third world children.

This is because these sponsors send you lots of money with the stickers and this money buys you a bigger engine, more fuel, or just a brain swap with Rubens Barrichello.

Now, we don't have lots of money.

But we do have lots of products that can help keep your other sponsor's stickers look nice and clean.

And some of those rubber marble splats can be removed with our Tar and Glue Remover, or you visor could be cleaned using some Clearly Menthol.

Hell, you may just add Clearly Menthol Concentrate to your tank for three more octane points.

We don't actually care.

But we do care that you put some of our stickers on your race car if you want some stuff from us.

So simply buy this sticker kit, affix the stickers on your car somewhere (yes, all four - and the underside of the bonnet doesn't count) and then email us at thedodo - at - dodojuice - dot - com asking about our Race Reps motorsport sponsorship scheme (where we'll send you over £50 of useful goodies in exchange for pics of your Team Dodo stickered-up race car*).

This sticker kit contains four stickers:

2x Dodo Juice hand made car care lozenge stickers (340mmx230mm)

2x Dodo Juice Shiny Side Up rectangular stickers (140mmx200mm)

Also variant options of 

2 x 2x Dodo Juice Shiny Side Up rectangular stickers (140mmx200mm)

2 x Dodo Juice Purple Haze colourways Handmade Car Care "tail" long stickers ( 640mm x 170mm)


2 x 2x Dodo Juice Shiny Side Up rectangular stickers (140mmx200mm)

2 x Dodo Juice rainforest Rub (original logo colours) colourways Handmade Car Care "tail" long stickers ( 860mm x 210mm)

These are laminated 5-7 year vinyl stickers but you'll probably need to replace them when the bodywork gets smashed up by a rival attempting a dodgy overtaking move.

*One goody pack per year for sponsored cars

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