Original Enthusiast Brand - Dodo Juice poster, A2 size (featuring Mr Skittles) - OFFER

Dodo Juice


What could be better than a Mr Skittles poster?

A Mr Skittles driving our mythical yet legendary Operation F.I.S.T. ambulance poster, created by Likehell Design, that's what!

How does Skittles reach the pedals? Are his wings long enough for the steering wheel? Does he even have a license?

All you need to know is that the poster looks good, and that Mr Skittles is fully qualified and certified in everything he needs to be, including Rummy, Dutch Ovens and Amateur Hand Grenade Throwing.

A2 size, or 420x594mm in old money.

So head down to Ikea, grab a cheap frame and get mounting like a Canadian mountain policeman at a swinger's party.


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