Dodo Obey - vinyl scene sticker HS 4911990000

Dodo Obey - vinyl scene sticker HS 4911990000

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A lot of people know the famous Andre the Giant (Obey) image by Shepard Fairey. Andre was a French wrestler now more famous for being a poster than for being a wrestler, but he doesn't mind. He is more famous than Shepard Fairey, who is neither a shepherd nor a fairy, and is often confused for Shepherd's Pie and a small town in Dorset called Sheppit Farey.

Because we love Shepard Fairey and all art is theft, we created this 'slightly similar but not so similar that we'll get sued' version of the Obey image using Mr Skittles. In a word, we took Andre the Giant and Dodofied him.

Is Dodofied a word?

Nope, but this is our webshop, so you'll just have to deal with it. 

Sticker has sticky back for fixing to paint or glass. Size is 53x80mm.