Motley Blue 100ml - mirror shine metal polish HS 3405901000

Motley Blue 100ml - mirror shine metal polish HS 3405901000

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If you need a metal polish with the performance turned up to 11, then look no further.

Motley Blue runs rings around dull tail pipes, peps up exterior metal trim and gives oxidised under-bonnet fittings a new lease of life. Cleaning, polishing, glazing… Motley Blue makes light work of metalwork. It even seals the metal a little, helping to keep it shiny for longer.

You'll need to remove rust first with a dedicated rust remover, and for heavier corrosion you may need to invest in some '0000' grade wire wool, but otherwise an old rag (or waffle weave cloth, like our Mint Merkin) will provide all the bite the polish needs. Add some elbow grease (available on Amazon if you don't have any) and then let Motley Blue get to work. Finally, give it a final buff with a soft microfibre and admire the mirror like shine. 

For further protection after polishing, consider coating metal surfaces with a strong heat-resistant sealant or hybrid wax. This helps prevent oxidising and tarnishing and makes the metal easier to clean in the future. We recommend using either Future Armour, Iron Gloss or Shinecraft in our range.

Note that Motley Blue may not be suitable for thin or delicate metal veneers/coatings, metal effect paint (commonly found on plastic exterior trim) or heavily corroded/rusty metal. Always check on an inconspicuous area first.