Detailing Apron - OFFER microfibre detailing apron with machine polishing cable loop

Dodo Juice


This detailing apron came about because one day we'd let Mr Skittles loose with a machine polisher on a test panel.

Now, dodos have very short wingspans and he'd also overloaded the pad.

What resulted was the splattering of Lime Prime all over the daft bird and our detailing bay. So we came up with the idea of a detailing apron. 

This detailing apron also helps prevent scratches to bodywork whilst detailing, providing a soft microfibre front to paintwork rather than zips and buckles.

"What happens if I turn up the speed on my machine and some product splatters the apron?" we hear you ask in your head, without knowing it. "No worries", we say. This fetching black apron with green microsuede edging is machine washable. And if you're small, tall, large, thin (or even a dodo), there's no need to fret about fitment either. It generously fits all sizes. 

You want more? Okay, how about a shoulder loop that keeps machine polisher cables out of the way for right-handed users? If you're left handed, you can always route the cable over your other shoulder or turn the detailing apron inside-out... although this will look a bit stupid and preclude the use of the pockets.

Ah, yes... the pockets. It has a total of five pockets, four smaller ones and a larger top pocket. You could have microfibres, small bottles of polish, masking tape or even a baby koala in there.

Other benefits? Well, we may market this as a detailing apron but there's no limit to its uses. It may make a nice barbecue apron. Or you could even wear it around the house... not to fry up some breakfast or to wash up, but just to literally wear around the house. With nothing else on. I do.

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