Maxed-Up - large detailing kit bag with cover (special DAS-6 Buff Daddy compartment!)

Dodo Juice


The Maxed Up bag is a monster-size detailing bag with multiple compartments and storage features. Being covered, it also helps keep dirt and dust out. Large enough to swallow the products, applicators and cloths needed to detail a whole car, and smart enough to be seen inside without your partner complaining!

  • The largest detailing kit bag we do at 43x33x21cm.
  • Special 'machine compartment' (35x19x10cm approx.) under the main area that can fit a DAS-6 Buff Daddy, Megs G220 or compact rotary machine (larger/heavier machines will not fit this compartment and D-handle or side handle may have to be removed - if this is an issue, use it for cloths/pads instead and store the machine in the upper open area).
  • Lots and lots of pockets, outside and inside, to organise smaller items. 4x large pockets outside, 4x small pockets outside, 4x large pockets inside and 4x elastic straps/loops inside.
  • Dust cover keeps items clean, located and away from prying eyes.
  • Rubber feet to keep it off dirty floors and provide a little stability/grip.
  • Shoulder strap for easy carriage, albeit at the risk of looking a little camp.


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