Mauritian Marching Powder - Sherbet Xmas Gift from 2016 **Exclusive to our online shop** 2 variants

Dodo Waxshack

SKU: LW0183

Maurition Marching Powder was our Waxmas gift from 2016. It's 100g of sherbet with some micronised Carnauba added in. Sugar, Sugar and more sugar, with a swizzle stick for good measure. People could've eaten this at the time of the gifting, but we have a feeling it's not edible now, years on.  

There are two variants, the standard unsigned version and the signed version by the three Dodo's that blended, mixed and poured the sherbet. The signed version also comes with two swizzle sticks and sour popping candy mixed in. Again, this was back in late 2016 though, so we wouldn't recommend eating it now. 

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