Machine Polishing History Box - 30% off

Machine Polishing History Box - 30% off

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As detailed here, we do things different around DJHQ. Not just a Mystery box but a History Box and not just a Mystery History Box. BUT a Machine Polishing Mystery History Box.

In this box you will get a selection from these classic products from our historic range (old logo or label, same Dodo Juice goodness):

* Orange Fin cutting pad  * Black Fin Finishing Pad  * Detailing Apron  * Lime Prime Plus  * Little Orange cutting pad  * Little Red finishing pad  * Supernatural Light Polishing pad  * Middle Orange Cutting pad  * Big Red Finishing Pad  * Great White Cutting pad  * Supernatural Heavy Polishing pad 

Guaranteed in each box: Lime Prime Plus 250 and a Detailing Apron (then a selection of pads; 150mm/5 inch and 90mm/3 inch included).