Great White - ultra-deep foam polishing pad, 150mm (6 inch)

Great White - ultra-deep foam polishing pad, 150mm (6 inch)

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For polishing or 'compounding' paint surfaces, you need a pad with a bit more bite. The extra cut not only helps remove the microscopic amounts of damaged paint, it also breaks down the polishing compound to increase refinement.

This 150mm Great White foam pad has a medium to heavy cut and the extra deep foam (twice as deep as some foam pads) has more 'give', ensuring a flatter machining surface. If you're new to machine polishing this helps you keep the pad level to the paint, rather than inadvertently angling it.

And being a bit taller, heat build up is fractionally reduced, keeping panel temps cooler for longer. Another nice feature is that the 'hook and loop' backing material is set in from the edge of the pad, preventing possible damage if the pad gets too close to the paintwork.

Possibly the ultimate 'starter' polishing pad for those using a rotary machine, like the Dodo Juice Spin Doctor.

Suits 125mm-130mm (5.5 inch) backing plates.

Please note that the Great White pad should always be stopped/started on the panel, removed gently from the backing plate and washed carefully with mild detergent (don't let it soak overnight) to prevent premature delamination of the hook and loop backing from the pad.

To maintain, simply massage neat washing up liquid into the foam pad cutting face under a running tap, then rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.