Freshly Juiced "Dripping with Freshness" vinyl scene stickers (11 colourways available)

Dodo Juice


You love the Freshly Juiced Stickers, but now you want something more?

Something that can go on glass and paintwork? Something that says "I love my car". That says "So fresh, it's not dry". Something that could be construed as "my car and its vinyls are so fresh, it's like it's been kept in a zip-lock bag since its conception". Or maybe you just want a cool sticker. 

Whichever way, this sticker is for you. Just you. No one else is reading this blurb. You. You are dripping with freshness. You deserve this vinyl. 

Now be a poppet, stick this in your cart and let your car feel like the mother of the bride on wedding day (yes, we are comparing a wedding hat to this vinyl... deal with it).

This decal is 29cm x 10cm (just so you know how much space it takes up on your glass or paintwork).

Available in eleven variants: Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Black Hologram, Black, Oil Slick Silver, Holographic Silver and Gloss Gold.



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