Fozzie Hair wash mitt

Dodo Waxshack


Ever wanted the convenience of a Captain Canoodle wash mitt but with the pile of a natural wash mitt? Well you can now, here's the Fozzie Hair wash mitt. It's named so because we skinned some muppets (these are puppets made in Mauritius) and used the fur for the wash mitt. 

When people have used the Wookie's fist in the past, some have said how heavy it can be as it absorbs the water and they feel they are having a workout while washing the car. The Fozzie doesn't have that problem as it's a lightweight microfibre mitt but still gives a deep pile impression and glides along the paintwork easily. 

The Fozzie is low maintenance, so instead of stroking and combing your mitt before bedtime, or not feeding it after midnight, you can just wash your ride and then pop the Fozzie in the wash with your drying towls and buffing cloths. A great mitt for the consumer that can't decide between natural or synthetic wash media.    



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