Flightless Carnauba Aftershave 20ml - christmas gift collectible (limited edition)

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00117

Sexy. Potent. Bold.

This is Flightless.

Stimulating, compelling and flammable, Flightless captures the spirit of Detailing.

Invigorating you with a burst of exhilaration then intensifies with the rich masculinity of Wet Sanding, then calming you down with the promise of a sensual warm wax.

The passion for polishing, the wetness of washing, the cool, crispness of claying and the undeniable stench of sealant.

Originally a gift for resellers, competition winners and friends of the Dodo during Christmas 2014, you could now own your very own Calvin Shein fragrance.

This carnauba aftershave contains actual, proper T1 grade carnauba as well as a fragrance that is probably best used misted into toilet cubicles than drenched onto sensitive skin*.

Limited stock and like all other limited editions we do, it will never be replicated.

Put down your Lynx Africa and smell like a DETAILER.

*Flightless is used as an aftershave at your own risk as it hasn't been tested on humans

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