Expandable 50ft Pocket Hose - compact hose for pro-detailers, flat owners etc. - OFFER

Dodo Juice


Once you see this expandable 50ft ‘pocket' hose fit into your hand, you'll realise just how useful it is...

Here are a few typical applications: 1) If you live in a flat and share an outdoor tap, you won't want to buy and store a full size hose reel; 2) If you're a valeter or pro detailer with a van, who needs to quickly top up the water tank from convenient tap outlets that may not have hoses on; 3) Transferring water from stand pipes at shows… why walk when you can use a compact hose that stretches 50ft?

Comes with a threaded collar and extra washer to ensure fitment to all standard external UK tap fittings.

Please note that the hose is not as rugged as some multi-ply garden hoses and is for standard water pressure only (not high pressure). If you drive over it on stony ground it is likely to leak.


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