Double and Lime - polish and wax kit, 260ml

Dodo Juice

£16.67 £23.33

Our Test Tubes contain two mini-jars of wax (30ml each) along with a 200ml bottle of pre-wax cleanser. So after a quick consultation with Jez, our Head of Product Development, Procurement and Putting-the-lids-on, we calculated that Double Wax would fit in nicely. This means you can try out the legendary Lime Prime, coat it with peppermint hybrid hard wax and then add a special carnauba topping of spearmint soft wax. Your car won't just look mint. It'll probably smell mint as well.

Each 30ml jar coats an average sized car approximately 3-4 times. So you'll be able to wax your car about 6-8 times with this kit. Double Wax soft has a recoating interval of 3-4 months, and Double Wax hard can last 4-6 months. At this point you'll need to call Rachel Riley over to work out the maths, but you're looking at between one and two years of wax action if you layer the waxes as intended.

Contains Detailing World/Dodo Juice Double Wax Hard Wax 30ml, Detailing World/Dodo Juice Double Wax Soft Wax 30ml and Lime Prime 200ml.

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