Depth Charge 500ml - medium/heavier cut polish and pre-wax cleanser HS 3405300000

Depth Charge 500ml - medium/heavier cut polish and pre-wax cleanser HS 3405300000

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If you love Lime Prime but wished it had more bite, your prayers have been answered… here's Depth Charge, our medium/heavier cut polish for tackling deeper defects or for using on harder finishes.

Work it by hand, or use it by machine... it's a valiant one-stepper, or step down for an even better finish using Lime Prime or Supernatural Micro Prime afterwards.

Whilst it won't replace the heaviest cut compounds at your local bodyshop, it does have a good working time, finishes down well and cuts a treat with microfibre pads when used with the Buff Daddy Evo or Arc Angel orbital machines. It also works well with heavy cut foams but watch those pad and panel temperatures... these foams will run hotter than microfibre or wool.

Depth Charge has mid/higher cut properties making it perfect for most types of modern paint with medium to hard finishes (think German cars, French cars, Fords and Vauxhalls etc). For Japanese cars, vintage cars and those with softer finishes, use our ultra-fine cut Basics Prep Polish or Supernatural Micro Prime instead. Lime Prime sits somewhere in the middle:

Critical Finish - least cut (ultra fine)
Lime Prime - fine cut (fine)
Depth Charge - medium/heavier cut (mid/high)

Finally, Depth Charge or another polish or pre-wax cleanser is perfect if you want to maximise the finish of your car before applying your wax or sealant. But to maximise the longevity of your wax or sealant, use a panelwipe or solvent to clean the paint first because this improves adhesion. You'll also need to do this if applying a nano-ceramic sealant as these need to bond to bare paintwork.

Depth Charge is also available in a 100ml trial/sample size if you want to try it first. 100ml is enough to machine polish an average-sized car in most cases.

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