Obi Dan Karnubi Chocwork Orange 100ml - hybrid homebrew car wax

Independent Wax Label


Many homebrewers submit waxes to Dodo Juice's Independent Wax Label, but only a few will ever get accepted.

A wax doesn't just have to perform well, it also has to have considerable character and consumer appeal.

This is why the delicious-smelling Chocwork Orange from homebrewer Dan (now known to the wax-making world as Obi-Dan Karnubi of ODK) made it to the IWL test panels.

It then outperformed a few popular sealants in durability testing, impressing the judges enough for Dan to be asked to make a batch... and here it is.

Note that it has a slightly longer cure time than 'high street' waxes, but it is beautifully buffable when it eventually hazes.

A unique and truly moreish recipe that is sure to earn a cult following.

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