Buff Daddy DAS-6 (550W) orbital machine polisher - factory refurbished - SECONDS

Dodo Juice

£66.67 £91.67
SKU: LW00074

The Buff Daddy is our DAS-6 orbital machine polisher, and arguably the best choice for beginners thanks to its clutched action. For the full spec, check out the original item description.

This is a factory refurbished model *NOTE THAT THE ITEM PICTURE IS FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT THE ACTUAL MACHINE*, so it has been subjected to minor use and is pre-owned. Scuffs, marks and polish residue may be evident - but it has been repaired, checked and tested by ourselves, before being warranted for one year from purchase.

So you can be confident it is a good machine, just at a lower price than normal (RRP of new machines is £110).

Our refurbished Buff Daddy comes with a backing plate (5/16 inch), kit bag, D-handle, spindle spanner, spare brushes and other accessories as per the original machine - but no pads or polishes... these will need to be purchased separately.

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