Blue Roo - plush microfibre polish/dressing applicator pad

Dodo Juice


The Blue Roo polish applicator is inspired by the Mauritian Blue Kangaroo... a small elasticated pouch means that you can jam your fingers into it and get extra grip when required. And that's just the kangaroo. The polish applicator can be handled in a similar fashion.

Constructed from plush microfibre-wrapped foam and elasticated-cotton backing, the Blue Roo offers a soft and absorbent working surface, perfect for applying pre-wax cleansers, hand polishes, glazes and trim dressings.

It won't fly away in the wind and it's comfortable to hold. Also, with a few fingers inside you can apply more or less pressure to the surface with improved sensitivity, increasing or decreasing cut if you're working a polish - or just adjusting how far you want a liquid product to spread.

Larger than you'd think, too, at a palm-sized 11cm (approx.) in diameter.

Please note that hand washing of this product is advised to prevent the foam inner becoming tangled or twisted. Also, we recommend foam applicators for applying tyre dressings due to the rough nature of the surface. If applying a dressing, use Blue Roo for trim only.

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